Why less than a third of Big Data projects are profitable

According to a study published by Capgemini and Informatica, the profitability of big data-related projects is highly correlated with their governance.

Only 29% of Big Data projects in progress are fully profitable, 45% reached their equilibrium, and 11% lose money. This is what reveals a study conducted Capgemini and Informatica with some 210 major companies in Europe and the United States.

These indicators, subdued, are not necessarily surprising. Among the actors interviewed for this survey, only some argue indeed have fully completed their project. As for the other 26% reported having completed three quarters of their goals, and only 38% half ...

Big Data usually piloted by DSI projects

The success of Big Data projects seems strongly linked to governance. In Europe, companies consulted by Capgemini and Informatica are 63% to entrust responsibility for this area chief information officer (CIO). Yet it is clear that a site Big Data driven by an operations manager or director of digital (CDO) will be two times more likely to be profitable if it is orchestrated by a CIO.

Downstream, the implementation of Big Data strategies is supported mostly by experts of the data (30%), IT management responsible (28%) or architects and database administrators (21%)